Selected Reviews & Articles
2005 Art in America, March 2005, Mike Cockrill/then again at 31GRAND, by Steven Vincent
2004 NY Sun, Mike Cockrill/then again at 31GRAND
2003 Contemporary, Issue 55, “Reviews,” by Alice Savorelli
(color reproduction of “In Your Pink Sunglasses”, 2002)
2003 Segno, May/June, 2003; “Mike Cockrill,” by Luigi Di Corato and Lucia Spadano
(7 color reproductions including cover)
2003 The Pantagragh, Feb. 27, “Art vs. War,” by Dan Craft
2002 Artnews, May 2002, Arttalk, “Schoolgirl Crush,” by Ann Landi (color repro. Birthday Girl)
2003 aNYthing, May, Halo in Reverse, by Buzz McCall (color repro. Minute Maid)
2002 Flash Art, April/May “Super Natural Playground,” by Mara Predicatori (Italy)
2002 Tema Celeste, “Super Natural Playground” by Milovan Farronato (Italy)
2002 Segno, Mar/April, “Super Natural Playground” by Francesca Pola
(color repro, “Trophies”) Milan, Italy Bresciaoggi, Mar. 21, “L’universo della
Grande Mela,” by Mauro Corradini (repro. “Hiding The Blade”) Milan, Italy
2002 New York Daily News, March 31, “Growing up Fast,” by Deborah Bach
2004 Art in America, Nov., “Mike Cockrill at Kim Foster,” review by Dominique Nahas
2000 The Octopus, June 9-15, 2000, “The Great Colorful Other,” by Jenny Southlynn
(Review of “2000 Clowns,” I.S.U., reproduction of “Trophies”)
2000 Art & Antiques, May 2000, Atlanta Exhibition listing, (Color reproduction of Cockrill clown
2000 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May 19, “Bad Taste as art: Mining the many meanings of
kitsch,” by Kerry Cullum
1999 The New Yorker, Dec.20, “Goings on About Town”, Mike Cockrill at Kim Foster (review)
1999 The New York Times, Dec. 10, Mike Cockrill at Kim Foster, by Ken Johnson (mini review)
1999 The Village Voice, Dec. 14, Voice Choices, Mike Cockrill at Kim Foster, by Kim Levin
1999 Artforum, Feb. 1999, “Darius James’s Top Ten,” (Mike Cockrill at Kim Foster)
1999 LA Weekly, Feb. 5-11, “Art Picks of the Week,” by Peter Frank
(Mike Cockrill at Robert Berman Gallery, B&W Repro of The Ballerina)
1998 The New York Times, Oct. 11, 1998, “Show That Highlights Dreams and Magic,”
by Vivien Raynor
1997 Philadelphia City Paper, Oct. 9-16, “Fears Of A Clown,” by Jennifer Darr
(review, B&W reproduction of Curtain Call)
1997 Philadelphia Weekly, Nov. 19, Mike Cockrill at Yearsley Spring Gallery,
by Gerard Brown (review, B&W reproduction of The Red Guard)
1997 New Art Examiner, July/Aug., Mike Cockrill at Kim Foster Gallery
1997 Cover Magazine, Vol. 11 #3, Mike Cockrill at Kim Foster Gallery,
by Robert Costa (B&W Reproduction of The Mirror Game)
1997 The Village Voice, Voice Choices, Mike Cockrill at Kim Foster, by Kim Levin
1995 Post Amerikan, Dec/Jan 1994-95 “Confessions of a feminist First Amendment
absolutist,” by Pamela A. Moro, ACLU (essay on ISU exhibit)
1995 Post Amerikan, Dec/Jan 1994-95 “Confessions of a feminist gestapo storm
trooper,” by Mark Siderits (essay on ISU exhibit)
1995 Post Amerikan, Dec/Jan 1994-95 “The Gray Area between Discontents and
Debutantes” by James Plath (essay on ISU exhibit)
1994 The New Yorker, December 19, “Goings on About Town” Mike Cockrill (mini-review)
1994 The New York Post, November 21, “Mapplethorpe Redux”, by Neal Travis
1994 The Pantagraph, (Illinois), November, “ISU art professors split on controversial
exhibit” by Randy Gleason
1994 The Pantagraph, (Illinois), October 22, “Controverial art exhibit sparks
discussion session at ISU) by Randy Gleason
1994 The Daily Vidette (ISU), Oct. 27, “Panel to address controversial art” by Kristi O’Brien
1994 The Pantagraph, (Illinois), Oct. 16, “Provocative ISU Art Exhibit…”
1994 The Daily Vidette (ISU), Oct. 14, “Nude Art Sparks Controversy”
by Kristi O’Brien
1990 New York Press, Sept. 18, “Best of Downtown 1990”
1989 The Villager, Dec. 7, “Split Over Issues at ‘Art After Helms’,” by Tom Wachunas
1989 New York Newsday, Sept. 5, “The Funding Fight,” by Amei Wallach
1989 The Village Voice, Aug. 8, “Mapplethorpe Goes to Washington”, by Elizabeth Hess
(black and white photo of anti-D’Amato rally in NYC)
1989 Downtown Magazine, April 26-May 3, “The Prisoner of Art,” by Shawn Eichman
1989 New York Post, March 4, “Mort Downey in Another Slugfest,” by Jerry Tallmer
1989 Artspeak, March 16, “Art on the Run,” by E.C. Lipton
1988 New Art Examiner, November, “Pornography and Postmodernism”
by Eleanor Heartney (B&W Reproduction of The Weems)
1988 The Brooklyn Phoenix, Dec. 8, “The All-Male Feminist Art Show,” by Tom Wachunas
1987 Fad Magazine, Fall 1987, (2-page B&W reproduction of The Kennedy
Compound, Hyannisport)
1987 Swank, October, “Last Orgasm in Brooklyn,” by Bob Rosen
(color reproductions of 3 paintings & essay)
1987 The New York Times Magazine, Jan 11, “How David Salle mixes High Art
and Trash”, by Paul Taylor
1986 High Times Magazine, Sept., “Back of the U.S.A.” by Mark Moskin
(essay & color reproductions from “Family Life”)
1986 Downtown, Vintage Books, Michael Musto (Page 118; Text on Win-a-Date
with Brooke and Suck)
1986 ArtForum, April, Full page color reproduction from “Family Life – The Post War Years”
1985 Star Hits, Nov., “Art Attack” (color reproduction of Zippy Paint Job)
1985 Chic, Nov., “Mike Cockrill and Judge Hughes: Arts Bad Boys,” (color
reproductions and interview)
1985 Art in America, Oct., “Mike Cockrill and Judge Hughes at Semaphore
Gallery,” review by Reagan Upshaw
1985 The East Village Eye, April, “Cockrill/Judge Hughes at Semaphore Gallery,”
review by Walter Robinson and Carlo McCormick
1985 The Village Voice, April 16, “Indiana Groans,” Letters: Cockrill/Judge Hughes
1985 Paper, April, “Shock Horror,” by Carlo McCormick, (Review of C/JH)
1985 The Village Voice, April 2, “Postappropriation,” by Gary Indiana
1985 The New York Times, March 22, review by Grace Glueck
1985 Art News, March, “Let the Borrower Beware,” by Margaret Moorman
1985 The New York Times, Jan 13, “East Village Gets On The Fast Track”,by Grace Glueck
1985 The Village Voice, Jan, “Begged, Borrowed or Stolen,” by Ellen Lubell (Cockrill/Judge
Hughes vs. David Salle)
1984 The Village Voice, Dec 20, “The X-mas Tree Show”, Picks (Art) Feldman
1984 The Prospect Press (Brooklyn, NY), Dec. 20, “Christmas Tree Exhibit at BACA
Examines the Dark Side of Holiday Spirit,” by Carol Sonenklar
1984 The New York Post, Nov. 14, Cindy Adams (Cockrill/Judge Hughes vs. David Salle)
1984 Art in America, Sept., Artworld “Art & The Law II; David Salle Sued”
1984 GEM Magazine, Fall, Back Cover, (Reproduction, I Wanna Meat The Wife)
1984 The Village Voice, Sept. 25, Picks (Art) Kim Levin
1984 New York Magazine, June 11, Kay Larson (Cockrill/Judge Hughes vs. David Salle)
1984 The Village Voice, May 1, “The New Portrait – P.S. 1” by Kim Levin
1983 Vanity Fair, Dec., April Bernard & Mimi Thompson review of “Terminal New York,”
(Color reproduction, Welcome Your USA Tourist)
1983 The Village Voice, Jan. 11, “Happy Newsyear,” by Lucy Lippard and Jerry Kearns
(B&W reproduction from “The White Papers” street poster)
1983 Native, “Laurie Anderson at BAM,” by Neil Marks
1983 Brooklyn Phoenix, Sept. 1982, “The Gowanus Memorial Artyard Show; An Exuberant
Exhibit,” by Harold Garde