Natalie White comments on Mike Cockrill’s painting

Posted on 04. Jan, 2012 by in Mike's Art Blog

Artist and model Natalie White talks about “The Archers” while watching it being painted at the club W.i.P, 34 Van Dam St. New York during October 2011.

“She is the popular girl.” (Pointing to girl holding bow and looking at viewer.) And that girl (aiming arrow at clown) She will do anything to be friends with the popular girl. She is even willing to kill that clown. But she is so determined to do a good job she is totally focused on hitting the target. She doesn’t even care that her arrow will go through the target and kill the clown. The clown is the popular girl’s brother. She is so devious she will get the other girl to kill her bother and she will get away with it. She won’t even be blamed. Those little girls making the targets don’t even know what the targets are going to be use for. They don’t realize they will be used as targets to kill the clown. They just think they’re making drawings for the popular girl. And those two women in the background. They come from the two different houses…and they have the same competitive relationship that the two girls with bows and arrows have. One woman is jealous of the other woman. See, because the other woman has pearls – and she’s blond. This woman on the left is more plain. The blond woman is in control – and she’s f*cking the other woman’s husband. They represent the era when housewives began taking drugs – because their husbands weren’t f*cking them. “

""The Archers" a mural by Mike Cockrill at club W.i.P, 34 Van Dam St. New York"

""The Archers" a mural by Mike Cockrill at club W.i.P, 34 Van Dam St. New York"

“Okay, those kids in the woods with the masks – they’re the kids no one wants to play with. They’re the weird kids who live in the woods. The sad girl down in the corner sitting with her teddy bear doesn’t have any of her regular friends around –so she has to go play with the kids in the woods.”